Project Initiation: Keep it simple

A bit Modified in Video – How great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek

Simply, improvement...

Why is it that so many organisations fail to set up their change and improvement projects in a way that improves the chances of delivering something useful? 
We’ve worked with numerous clients and been asked to help get projects kicked off effectively, or get them back on track after they’ve stalled.  Often it’s the simplest elements of setting up a Project that cause the most confusion. 
Most organisations these days have a project methodology, or lifecycle model, that they use to run projects.  In the public sector PRINCE2 is popular, but there are plenty of other perfectly good models.  
Those who come up with the bright idea for a project may not be the people who have to run it and deliver solutions.  So, the ability to turn the bright idea into something that can be run as a project (by someone else) is a critical stage, whatever the project…

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